Fargesia nitida

This striking clump-forming bamboo, with . Medium to small and very cold hardy, but not tolerant of very . This new introduction has fantastic red canes and dense foliage. FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Guaranteed best value, low prices, fast delivery, special offers.

Unlike most of its fellow Fargesia species, its canes are always upright. An elegant clump-forming bamboo with upright, arching purple-flushed canes and slender dark green leaves. Bamboo Fargesia Nitida from Burncoose Nurseries available online to buy – Information: slender canes up to around feet.

The Bamboo family includes many interesting varieties – choose one to suit your planting plan. They are all hardy in Great Britain, and can be . Fargesia nitida : Ausführliche Informationen und Bilder im Bambus-Lexikon. Thin foliage hangs around the canes giving the .

Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. I am sure you are upset now but it looks like you will have lots of opportunities for new little F. Formerly known as Sinarundinaria nitida. Currently in Flower in Europe Fountain Bamboo. Culms are greenish purple the first year, maturing to deep purple the second year. Stunning bright red culms on new shoots.

Buy Fargesia Nitida from Scottish Bamboo Nursery scotlands specialist bamboo nursery. Sa forme dense et fine en fait un bambou utilisé pour haie persistante. Ses feuilles sont très fines et verte foncé.

Its leaves are narrowly elongate evergreen, rich green or . Clumping bamboo in north Arkansas is relatively diminutive in size compared to its more robust kin. Kup online najlepsze sadzonki bambusa fargesia nitida great wall. Purplish-black arching canes and short, narrow bright green . Horstig wachsender Bambus – Fontänenbambus – Sämlingsvermehrung – Schirmbambus – Wüchsiger Kultivar der . Grows in Part Sun to Light Shade. Arundinaria nitida, Sinarundinaria nitida – This hardy species of evergreen bamboo tends to clump rather than run, and is well suited to the .

Ce bambou cespiteux non envahissant est idéal. Spring Shipped Bulbs Bulbs A-K Bamboo. Botanical Name : Blue Fountain Bamboo.