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For years back, this river is famous for being one of the best for catching wild salmon in Norway. Stay in the cabin Stordalen, which is situated quite near the river Stordalselva, and try the excellent conditions for salmon fishing both in the river Stordalselva as . Fishing for atlantic salmon at the river Orkla. More info about the infection can . Atlantic salmon fishing in Norway. The Orkla is located in central Norway and is one of the most beautiful and prolific salmon rivers in the country, flowing north .

A prolific private km long Gaula . NORTH NORWAY The landscape of Arctic Norway is incredibly varied from jagged alpine peaks, birch covered hillsides and vast rolling plateaus. Salmon catch in Lærdal Hauge from drone view. Choose your Åfjord – ocean, sea, fjords, valleys and mountains.

Take the chance to catch the finest salmon amid beautiful Norwegian scenery. Includes guided fishing and all meals. All anglers dream of some fantasy fish.

Norway is arguably the spiritual home of the travelling salmon fisherman. For generations groups of intrepid rods took the boat to Bergen to see what they could .

Osen offers world class salmon fishing. Enjoy excellent private flyfishing. Fly fishing has nothing to do with witchcraft and can be learned . Also large numbers of grayling, trout and char. River Lakselva and the areas near by offer the best places in the world for salmon fishing.

Lakselva has been among the ten best salmon rivers in Norway in . Trout fishing Norway in the mighty mountains or the Boreal forest you will. Welcome to your fishing holiday in Norway ! Freshwater fish such as salmon , trout and char are exempt from the kg limit. Driva the river, which belonge one of the best salmon fishing rivers in Norway.

Do you want to fish in the famous salmon river Orkla? Dare to take on Suldalslågen, the largest salmon fishing river in West Norway ? Experience salmon river fishing in the Reisa canyon with our guided tours. Norwegian town of Storslett half an hour transfer from Lyngen Lodge. River catch of salmon , sea trout and migratory . Are you considering fly fishing in Norway ? Find out why Norway is one of the premier fly fishing destinations in Norway.

You can also fish salmon in the rivers in Loen, Stryn or Olden. Anyone got any info on fly fishing the Tromso aria of Norway , I have to be up there for ten days in July and.

The most common catches in Norway are co mackerel (especially in the late summer), salmon , trout, coal-fish and pollack Whilst fishing in the sea is open to . All you need for fishing can be borrowed here. The fishing permit related to the river is . We want an end to illegal fishing for salmon.