Trout fishing norway

Those who are hooked on fly fishing will be pleased to hear that Norway’s cold water lakes are chock-a-block with brown trout , pike and perch. Trout fishing Norway in the mighty mountains or the Boreal forest you will present you thousands of lakes and rivers to fish for trout. The yearly fly fishing trip to Oppland in Norway 2013. A great time to be a fly fisher. Opportunities for Trout fishing exist throughout Norway.

Country wide catch statistics are not available, but the fishing is said to get better the farther west and. Tips and tricks for better salmon and trout fishing. Just be mindful of current fishing rules in Norway , including that which states that you’re not allowed to fish. Fly Fishing Mastery Mastering the art of fly fishing ; not only mastering casting and fishing techniques, equally important are how you conduct and your ethics. Freshwater fly fishing for grayling and brown trout.

Fly fishing zone in the Trysil river. Fishing guide and rental cabins. Fly fishing holidays in Norway by Where Wise Men Fish include Salmon Sea Trout fly fishing trips in rivers and fjords across Norway.

If you are going to fish for salmon, sea trout or arctic char, you have to pay a fishing fee.