Strelitzia reginae

It has been introduced into parts of central . Strelitzia reginae is native to the southern and eastern parts of the Cape Province and northern Natal in South Africa. Growing advice and description for the bird of paradise plant, also known as the crane flower or plant. Botanical name – strelitzia reginae.

This south African native has glaucous banana-like leaves and bright architectural flowers. Reginae er flerårig, eviggrønn og kan minne litt om bananplante med sine store oppreiste blader.

ND9BЕдна от най-ефективните технологии за засяване на семена от Стрелиция. Накиснете семената за часа във . Growing bird-of-paradise plants, or streltzia reginae , requires very warm climates, as the plant can freeze very. The specific epithet reginae means queen. The stiff leaves grow up from the base . It is grown for its spectacular flowers and are used all over the world for cut flowers. Mind Love, first love, universal love, love, for partner, being in love, butterflies in chest, almost weepy, desire to hug and kiss.

The herbaceous plant derives its . Bird of Paradise, Crane flower.

Medium growing evergreen clumping perennial shrub can reach 3-feet tall. STRELITZIA REGINAE SEEDS (BIRD OF PARADISE PLANT) – Plant World Seeds. All about care, location and watering. The roots are fleshy and finger-like. Outdoor grown Strelitzia plants.

Family: Strelitizaceae Origin: South Africa. Pronounciation: Stre-LIT-see-a re-gi-NA-e. DESCRIPTION: Clumping plant that is handy in any Landscape feature. Brilliant classic bird of paradise flower with attractive . Strelitzia Reginae : is the most common Strelitzia plante with the well known orange petals and the blue tongue. Visit your local store for the widest range of garden products.

A very hardy plant that produces the easily identifiable flowers. A native of riverbanks and forest glades in South . Evergreen- Deciduous: Evergreen. Strelitzia is an excellent container plant as it blooms best when crowded. A unique evergreen perennial with large paddle shaped green leaves. Bol exotic orange flowers appear throughout the.

There are fewer leaves but they are much larger. Vegetative propagation by division is .