Spirea er blitt veldig populære de siste . Surstrømming er en svensk spesialitet – men for oss er det ufattelig at noen kan spise dette. Se hva som skjedde da vi åpnet en boks surstrømming og prøvde å . Mange lurer på når de bør beskjære vårblomstrende busker som syriner, spirea og forsythia. Svaret er at dette skal vente til etter blomstring, .

Det finnes busker med fargesprakende høstfarger, med gullgult bladverk og . About species make up this genus of deciduous or semi-evergreen shrubs. They are grown primarily for their small . Find essential growing information on spirea , including: type, height and width, flower color, special features, hardiness zones, and light. Growing and planting spirea is rewarding as this perennial flowering shrub is low maintenance. Spiraea genus of nearly 1species of flowering shrubs in the rose family (Rosaceae).

Native to the north temperate zone, many spirea species are . These great plants are among the hardiest and easiest to grow plants you can find for your garden.

Novice and experience gardeners alike love spirea bushes for their eye-catching beauty, fast growth rate, hardiness and ease of care. Daphne, Dolchica, Goldflame, Goldmoun Limemoum Little Princess, Magic Carpet, Neon Flash, Norman, . Vanhoutte spirea (S. vanhouttei), the classic bridal wreath spirea , grows up to feet tall and feet wide, so give it plenty of elbow room. Prepared by Marjan Kluepfel, HGIC Information Specialist, . It combines well with ornamental grasses, ferns and other plants with . Rosaceae) Schneespiere (D) spirea , garland (E) Spiraea aruncus L. Aruncus vulgaris Spiraea betulifolia Pall. Depending on the variety of spirea , blooms will be white, pink, red or yellow. The plants, which range in height from two to feet and spread out two to feet, . Learn to care for it in this article.

This improved spirea has much to offer beyond its extra-large pink “umbrellas” of flowers in early summer. Easy to grow, easy to maintain The large variety of foliage and flower colors to choose from make spireas a . The dense, compact habit, large clusters of late spring and summer. Pink blossoms grace the plant all summer long.

Den drives av hagebokforfatterne Bjørnhild. Shrubs such as spirea and weigela can be rejuvenated through pruning.

After 2- years they become woody and worn out. Flowering is reduced and they get . Among the easiest flowering shrubs to grow, spireas are often used in foundation plantings, as hedges, and in perennial . When it comes to transplanting spirea , however, there . Du er kanskje den heldige eier av en spirea eller to? Definition of spirea in US English – a shrub of the rose family, with clusters of small white or pink flowers. Found throughout the northern hemisphere, it i. Any of various shrubs of the genus Spiraea of the rose family, having clusters of small white or pink flowers and including bridal wreath,.

Get expert gardening tips on the SPIREA. How much sun, shade, water and care does it need? Romslige, lyse leiligheter med store vindusflater og tidløse.