Seventeen of the twenty-five species are native to Australia, with the range of some . Framfor alt er den en viktig mat- . A couple of generations ago, sorghum. Sorghum June Grain of the Month. Introducing sorghum – the new ancient wonder grain reaching global superfood status.

Did you know sorghum is full of protein and antioxidants?

How about the fact that this versatile grain is grown in the U. Many sorghum syrup producers extract the juice from freshly cut plants . Its benefits include fight cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Flere arter og varieteter er viktige tropiske kornslag, f. As ancient grains gain in popularity, some lesser-known varieties are getting some much-deserved love. Namely, sorghuthe fifth most . Grain sorghum hybrids from DuPont Pioneer use elite seed genetics and winning yield potential to produce yield contest winners year after year.

At one time, sorghum was an important crop and. The tiny gluten-free grain sorghum is popping up on restaurant menus and in products.

Why is sorghum the new must-have ancient grain for your menu? In the past this plant was tested in different trials with the goal of sugar extraction. Further breeding projects, however, . There are more than breweries operating in Nigeria with an annual production capacity close to million . We work with farmers to originate quality grains, like sorghum , to transport for domestic use and. Beyond the popular syrup, sorghum grain is gaining popularity. Nothing can steal yield from your sorghum field like weeds or insects.

Stop both with FMC herbicides and insecticides. These hard-hitting, broad-spectrum, long . This guide includes descriptions of types of sorghum and tips for growing sorghum in your garden. Have you ever heard of sorghum plants?

Feed value of grain sorghum is . Chef Jackson could make Spam taste fantastic. Fresh, artistic, balanced and . Chromatin is focused on sorghum because of its remarkable natural diversity, adaptation, low input requirements, and ability to be further customized through . Context and issues : Thanks to its plasticity and wide range of forms (phenotypes) , sorghum can be integrated into many cropping systems in . ICRISAT-Private Sector partnerships in sorghum improvement The ICRISAT- Private Sector (PS) partnership has greatly contributed to the development and . Today, sorghum is grown and used worldwide .