Salix alba

Det har opprette greiner med grønne eller sølvfargede, avlange og spisse . Navnet kommer av at bladene er blekere enn på dens slektninger. Den bleke fargen kommer av at . The name derives from the white tone to the undersides of the . There are no significant declines reported and it does not meet any .

White willow is so-named for its long, tapering leaves which are downy white on the undersides. It is in flower from Apr to May, . Palearctic, from the UK south to the Iberian Peninsula, Algeria and Morocco and east through . Listen to the Latin symbol: SAAL Other Fact Sheets. The leaves of Salix alba are simple and alternate and the margins have teeth.

Among the simple, alternate-leaved trees, the genus Salix shares the unique . The origin of this variety is obscure, but it may have came about through the cultivation of white willow ( Salix alba ) in Europe.

It grows well in most types of soil, including fine, medium, . Each plant profile in the database contains nomenclature info, botanical data, plant . Salix alba , commonly called white willow, is native to Europe, central Asia and northern Africa. Photos and explanations from the book: Zelimir . Noted for its colorful stems and stunning winter display, Salix alba var. Show All Show Tabs white willow. Habitat Planted for ornament in Kashmir,. The trunk is erect and the bark is grey and fissured.

The silver willows cultivated in Finland are very similar to each other and probably of Russian origin. FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. A website designed to inform people about the Salix alba commonly known as the white willow. White willow trees, salix alba willow trees buy online from TREE SHOP LIMITED the longest established nursery in the UK. Fast growing deciduous native tree with narrow silver-backed leaves which shimmer in the wind.

Excellent for maritime exposure. A vigorous large native tree with long thin leaves, which are silver underneath. This species has been much plante sometimes as distinct cultivars.

It may have decreased in Irelan but has not significantly changed in Britain. Multistem scarlet willow tree plant for sale here. White Willow is easy to recognize by the very white undersides .