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The number one place for information and resources on API technology and business. Ebooks, events, blog posts and much much more! The Nordics largest international community for API practitioners and enthusiasts, hosting quality events all . This group is for anyone interesting in making the Nordics more programmable, automate mobile and efficient using APIs , open data, cloud services, and ap. API events in various places of the world.

We exist to inspire and educate the average API practitioner in. Our goal is to help companies and practitioners make smarter . The theme of the event is Architect . The event will take place between. There was something for everyone in an agenda that . Målet är att hjälpa företag och yrkesverksamma att . We are experienced API Consultants based in Helsingborg, Sweden. The API economy is changing how business works in its core.

Please send us your feedback about the documentation! A SELECTION OF POSTS FROM THE NORDIC APIS BLOG Travis Spencer, Andreas Krohn, Rhys Fisher, Mark Boy Bruno Pedro, Tim Mares, Staffan Sölve. A walk through the API lifecycle – design, deployment, management, and integration.

The API Lifecycle: An Agile Process for Managing the Life of an API. The Nasdaq Web API (WAPI) is an easy to implement data solution that supplies real-time, delayed or. Twitter Launches Countdown to OAuthcalypse.

Like APIs, Python and telling everybody to like the . Nordic APIs covers more than just the Nordics. Austin API Meetup, Austin, API Design Impacting the API Lifecycle session. Deliver great APIs and apps with real-time monitoring and visibility. API Fortress is an API Health platform. This eBook reveals how to plan an API-first business, how to make it discoverable, promote.

So you want to learn about API documentation. Learn RESTful API design from this guide to the best API design resources on the web. Scandinavian design principles are infused into . Mannus said: not interesting to read. This was the return trip, months later from when we decided to take the . API stands for Application Programming Interface and it . Förra året gick företaget med vinst.

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