Lantana camara

Landscaping Ideas Bufret Oversett denne siden 17. Plant taxonomy classifies lantana plants as Lantana camara. This plant has poison characteristics.

Lantana camara Lantana camara , also known as big-sage (Malaysia), wild-sage, red-sage, white-sage. Its allelopathic qualities can reduce vigour of nearby plant species and reduce productivity in orchards.

This amazing plant comes in many combinations of re yellow, and orange flowers in small clusters. The pale pink and yellow flowers of this evergreen perennial attract butterflies from late spring to frost. Photo: Bart Wursten Leopard Rock Game Reserve. Common Name: Lantana Largeleaf lantana.

LANTANA CAMARA SEEDS ( Lantana Camara hybrids, Shrub Verbena, Yellow Sage, Angel Lips, Spanish Flag, or West Indian Lantana) – Plant World Seeds. The name Lantana is derived from the Latin name of the unrelated wayfaring tree. Also known as Yellow Sage Lantana camara. Unusual clusters of bicolored flowers bloom on tough, leathery-leave .

Picture: Bart Wursten Leopard Rock Game Reserve. Source: Composition of two campo rupestre communities from the Itacolomi State Park, Calais (present dataset), (related dataset: Lagoa Seca), MG, Brazil . All varieties are heat and drought-tolerant and well-suited for . Use Lantana as bedding plants or in containers. Its leaves have an unpleasant odor if. American tropics, has become one of the worst weeds in recorded history. Name, Status, Confidence level, Source.

A variable species ranging from small compact garden specimens to larger weedy scrambling shrubs to 2m. Occurs widely in the Asia-Pacific. Favourite flowers of garden and li: greenhouse.

Scientific Name: Lantana camara. The specific epithet camara means arched or chambered. It produces white flowers, and suitable to be planted with other Lantana plants of brightly coloured. It is known to be anti-catarrh, antiviral, antitumor, cicatrizant, emmenagogue, mucolytic. Shrubs with long weak branches, armed with stout recurved prickles, pubescent.

Bright flowers, continuous bloomer. Attracts hummingbirds and butterflies.

The stems and branches are angular, . America – Venezuela and Colombia, through Central America to Mexico and the Caribbean. Residents of nearby villages use its wood for making . Verbenaceae), a widely growing shrub which is toxic to some animal species, has been used in the traditional medicine for treating many .