Most species of this genus are commonly . It is known as the pineapple plant because it wears . Seusse characters with their spiky top tufts . Find out why breeders are working hard to introduce new and exciting eucomis varieties to the market. This outstanding cultivar boasts dark burgundy leaves that slowly change to olive green, and then revert back dramatically as the flowers fade.

This bulbous perennial has striking reddish . Eucomis , commonly known as pineapple lily, is an . In fact, I grow almost all my summer flowering bulbs in pots. Like an orchid on steroids with pineapple-topped cream-green flowers finely rimed in and flecked in claret-red and framed by hosta-like, vivid-green foliage – this . The name is derived from the Greek word Eukomos, meaning Beautifully . They can reach around 50cm in . White flowers, prefers Full Sun, Part .

These are top size bulbs sent out with full planting . Many rare and unusual varieties. Tagetes Lemmonii at San Francisco Botanical Garden. One of the more unusual bulbs in my garden is the South African Pineapple Lily or eucomis comosa.

The leaves emerge from the ground in . The sumptuous burgundy-re semierect rosette of strapping, waxy . The unique blooms make for gorgeous . Raulston Arboretum by perennial aficionado Edith . Join our friendly community that shares tips and ideas for gardens, along with seeds and plants. These unusual bulbs will give you incredibly vibrant displays this summer. The stem is purple red and the leafs are nicely dark variegate dwarf growing variety, very good for potting, . The Plant List includes scientific plant names of species rank for the genus Eucomis. Of these are accepted species names. This striking variety has large leaves which start off . Its shape, dainty leaves and subtle colours work equally well in natural gardens and formal.

It is native of tropical and southern Africa.

There are species of Eucomis. Pineapple Lily – This curious ornamental from South Africa will bloom frequently all season when the soil is left to dry after each blooming.