The word cyperus derives from the Greek. The plants are easily cultivated and suitable for medium to large water features, especially in . Several subspecies are described though they are rarely recognized in literature on the . The term xiang means fragrant, and usually is applied to strong and pleasant fragrances, such as those. VIII Seminario Comalfi, Resumenes. This non-native sedge is sometimes grown as an ornamental, and has become naturalized in wet, disturbed sites from the central and southern peninsula of .

Cyperus is known in Chinese as xiangfu or xiangfuzi. Winter hardy to USDA Zones 9-where is easily grown in wet, boggy soils in full sun to full shade. Perhaps best in full sun to part shade.

Evaluation of its antioxidant, cytotoxic, and apoptotic effects. A taxonomic genus within the family Cyperaceae – sedges, comprising about 6species on all continents. Ethnobotanic: Purple nutsedge has been used in traditional medicine and in landscaping in China.

Yellow nut sedge, chufa, chufa flat sedge, rush nut, watergrass, earth almon ground almon tiger. Rhizomes, four compounds namely, methyl 4-dihydroxy . Cphotosynthesis linked with chlorocyperoid .

Stem shape in cross-section: the stem is . For small ponds, containers, and wet areas of the garden, this ornamental Dwarf Papyrus adds interest and plenty of character. Cyperaceae), both from Brazil, are described and compared to near relatives. Nutgrass) was analyzed by GC-MS analysis of oil. Flower bracts purple to red- brown, medially green. Sedges, which superficially have the appearance of grasses, have soli triangular . Its slender, underground stems, known . Naturalised Status: Alien to Western Australia Name Status: Current.

Kyllinga erecta Schumacher var. The central stem is erect, 3-angle and mostly . Hawaiian Names with Diacritics. Description: Tufted perennial, with very short rhizome.

Their appearance is quite unusual, with long green stems and green leaves that circle them up top, which . The first three species in the key, with 2-cleft styles and lenticular or biconvex achenes, are frequently separated into the genus Pycreus. Klasse, Enfrøblader (Liliopsida). Familie, Starrfamilien (Cyperaceae).

Oversettelsen av ordet cyperus papyrus mellom norsk, engelsk, spansk og svensk.