Clematis recta

Den er som navnet antyder en rett . This ground clematis can be trained to climb, but is usually left alone to crawl along the ground as the common name suggests. Quickly bursts out of the ground in the spring, with foliage of an . It is in flower from Jul to August. As well as the hottest new introductions, we also bring you the best of the old favorites.

Flowers colour: white, fragrant. Heronswood which has much darker foliage than typical. CLEMATIS RECTA PURPUREA SEEDS – Plant World Seeds. The rarely offered form of this spectacular, but rarely seen border perennial with purple-bronze . Underklasse, Tofrøblader (Magnoliidae).

Familie, Soleiefamilien ( Ranunculaceae). This clematis belongs to the section Flammula. Show All Show Tabs ground virginsbower. Stängel meist nicht verholzt, hohl. This is another attractive herbaceous perennial for the border with upright stems bearing numerous, fragrant, white flowers in . Weiße Blüten, die den Duft des frühen Sommers verströmen!

White starry flowers July-Sept. Pringle in Flora of North America (vol. 3). Stems herbaceous, ascending to erect, not climbing, 0. Lack of emotions and sexuality.

Ailments from continued criticism and . Clematitis recta (L.) Moench, Meth. An herbaceous, clump-forming plant with . Powojnik osiągający wysokość m.