Clematis macropetala

Jevnt gjenblomstrende fra mai og til utover høsten med violette kronblader og hvit midt. This early spring-flowering clematis produces masses of nodding, deep blue, bell -shaped flowers with cream centres from April to May. Notify me when product is in stock.

An early spring flowering climber covered with lots of nodding, deep blue bell-shaped flowers. Light to mid blue semi-double nodding bell- shaped flowers are borne in abundance. Hilsen fra Plantasjen Denne plante oppsto etter at en gren var falt av en macropetalaplante på et hagesenter.

Jeg tok den med og lagde noen . Usually Flowers : April, May, June. Mid-pink semi-double nodding bells. They produce beautiful and unusual double . Good to know – prune to allotted space after . Beautiful, hardy, unique double-flowered climber with scented pink and cream blooms in early summer. Clematis Macropetala (Maidwell Hall).

In spring there are two types of flowering clematis available. Where to plant your clematis will depend on the type.

My clematis macropetala seems to be dying! I bought and planted it in the spring and it was going great guns and flowered. CLEMATIS MACROPETALA SEEDS – Plant World Seeds. This vigorous deciduous climber has attractive divided toothed leaves and large, solitary, nodding . Blütezeit Monat, alpina- small.

Fruchtschmuck, fruchtstaende-small. Jord: Mullrik Färg: Blå Höjd: 3-meter. We especially like this vigorous deciduous cultivar for its smoky silver seed . Fast growing free flowering vines with 2-inch lavender blue bell shaped blooms in early spring. Early-flowering clematis One of the joys of mid- to late spring is watching the.

Fin klematis med små nikkende blå blomster der giver indtrykket af en dobbelt blomst da både de inderste og yderste kronblade har samme farve. Find the perfect clematis macropetala stock photo. Seeds from this wonderful vining blue hybrid clematis macropetala.

Sunshine, Partial-shade, Sunny.