Clematis arabella

Part of the integrifolia group, this . Masses of small blue flowers and compact form. I planted mine at the base of another really reliable plant, the. High summer, wet weather: even the trickiest of clematis are in full flow.

This means that it does not form tendrils and it cannot climb . Learn more about Monrovia plants and best practices for best possible plant performance.

As the flowers mature they lighten in color. Clematis Arabella – gesunde, reich blühende Pflanze. It is part of the integrifolia clematis group which have woody . A non-vining plant excellent for containers, growing through . When planting, make sure to bury up the first buds. Semi-herbaceous, non-clinging, scrambler.

Semi-nodding, flowers which start out deep, purple-blue but which lighten with age to reveal pink-mauve veining and bar. Cream or creamy-yellow anthers.

This non-vining clematis is more perennial-like, growing up to only six feet annually and then dying back to the base in the winter. Blue-mauve flowers, summer to fall. Small purple blue flowers with cream centre, flowering continuously from June-Oct.

Good ground cover or to scramble over low . Arabella är en integrifolia och bör stagas, beskärningsgrupp 3. From media Commons, the free. This Hardy Perennial Climber has been container grown so can be planted at any time of the year. Mit ihren vielen Trieben und ihrem buschigen Wuchs sorgt der kleine Strauch als . Duft: Nej Væksthøjde (cm): 150 . The longest blooming clematis in my garden, starting in early April and ceasing at frost. Fruchtschmuck, fruchtstaende-small.

Derfor undrer jeg på om den like gjerne kunne stått ved rekkverket på . Barva květu je fialová, tyčinky jsou světlé. Období květu je od června do října. Vooraleer je de clematis aanplant laat je de kluit eerst voldoende water opslorpen.

Maak een plantgat dat groot genoeg is en maak de aarde goed los. Deze winterharde clematis is prima geschikt als bodembedekker bloemen tapijt!

Arabella ” bloeit met ontelbare bloemetjes en dat ononderbroken bijna de hele . Deep blue-mauve flowers from early spring to early autumn. Vanwege leveringsproblemen is dit product tijdelijk niet te bestellen. We verwachten de tuinplanten in het najaar weer op .