Bug a salt

Experience the thrill of shooting. More power and better durability. In addition, this non- toxic, . Salt Gun lets you rid the world of pests. With an effective range of up to 3-ft.

One fill of the reservoir is enough for shots, and a . Find products from BUG-A-SALT at low prices. Shop online for barbecues, mowers, garden tools, generators, snow blowers and more at Amazon. It would be peaceful experience, if not for all the disgusting flies buzzing . Bug-a-Salt is the newest way to keep bugs off your food.

A miniaturized shotgun effect is generated through this ingenious design. I ordered and received my Bug-a-salt gun late last fall, pretty late in the fly season to really get to put it to serious use.

Bug-A-Salt Yellow Fly Shooter 2. Anti Bug Salt Assault Rifle v2. FLY GUN – DIRECT FROM PATENT HOLDER. PEARL Fliegenklatsche: Fly Gun – Feuer frei auf lästige Fliegen (Lustige Fliegenklatsche). Learn about working at BUG-A-SALT aka SKELL INC. See who you know at BUG-A-SALT aka SKELL INC.

My reaction was huh its 3am and there . Is your hatred for flies keeping you awake at night? It is truly worth every penny if you have . If your warranty is no longer vali or if the U. Load up some salt from the dinner table and start gunning down flies with the bug -a-salt. Every Day new 3D Models from all over the World.

Enter the Bug- A-Salt , a new way to get rid of your pesky housefly problem. Flies, mosquitoes and other bugs will have no place to hide from the Bugbuster. The weapon fires basic cooking salt which is propelled using the same principle.

Operating operationally in operations for operators: Long story short, you shoot bugs out of the air with table salt.

Altezza del prodotto (senza imballaggio), 8. So that gun stuns the bugs with salt ? Flies and other bugs keep creating problems . I am an avid fisherman in the south Texas area. During the warm months my boat will often load up with flys. They look like ordinary house .