Buddleja davidii

Høstblomstrende på årsskudd med vakre fiolette blomsterstander som tiltrekker seg sommerfugler. This sun-lover comes in hues from pure white to deepest purple. From midsummer until frost, butterfly bush earns its name as hordes of winged beauties flit from . Den har oppført seg heilt normalt og . Learn more about the Butterfly-bush – with amazing Butterfly-bush videos, photos and facts on Arkive.

Attract butterflies to your garden. The darkest buddleja , with orange-centred grape-purple flowers held on long racemes – the honey fragrance will attract every garden butterfly in August. People ask me this question often. Buddlejaceae (buddleia) family. The reason is obvious – from early summer when it starts blooming until early autumn it produces . Orange eye butterflybush has been used in ornamental gardens for more than one hundred years.

Escapees from cultivated beds are.

Guaranteed best value, low prices, fast delivery, special offers. Leaf: Opposite, simple, ovate to . Most of the plants in commercial trade by the name butterfly . These tough shrubs are in bloom from late spring till the end of summer, and attract butterflies into the garden. Common Names: butterfly bush, orange-eye butterfly . Branchlets subquadrangular, stellate– tomentose when young, glabrescent.

In Oregon, butterfly bush invades . The extracts of this plant have potent antioxidant . In the non- coloured areas the plant is unlikely to establish as the climate, soil or landuse is . Chinese sagewood is most vigorous in well-drained soil and full sun. Good to know – because of its more compact form . A native of China, familiar in cultivation and hardy farther north than other species in the genus. Introduction: Butterfly bush is native to northwestern . Other common names: summer lilac.

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A classy mainstay for the border that entices hummingbirds, butterflies and . This semi-evergreen shrub from China is commonly plante but rarely escapes in North Carolina to waste places.