A Natural Source for Trace Minerals. Ours is an ultra-fine water flowable (-2mesh) powder and is excellent for coating seeds . Unco Industries WWSB30LB Wiggle Worm Soil Builder Worm Castings, lb. A natural source of minerals and trace elements!

It requires no mixing or special equipment.

Use as an annual top dressing on citrus trees, where soil pH is 6. It has over trace minerals and . Azomite is loaded with over minerals and. Typical analysis reports the presence of Lanthanum (La), Cerium (Ce) and. Early this century geological . AZOMITE mineral deposit based feed ingredients and soil re-mineralizing products.

It offers products for use in . Flowers, plants and vegetables can all benefit from the trace minerals in AZOMITE.

OMRI listed for organic production. It contains more than trace mineral elements and every essential micro-mineral needed by plants and animals, . An estimated million years ago, an ancient deposit left by an volcanic eruption . OMRI-Listed for use in organic farming. For over seventy years, crop producers have . I picked up my AZOMITE today Five hundred pounds of 20mesh- for the gardens. And one 50lb bag of 200mesh- for Mycology use.

All of us know that insoluble minerals. Red lava rock: yes, continuous supply of potassium . Organic and contains over trace minerals vital for plant health. Rock powder contains over minerals beneficial to all plants. Enhance plant health and increase blooms by adding minerals to soil. LB, AZOMITE SR POWDER, a slow release grade of AZOMITE volcanic minerals ideal for blending with other fertilizers and amendments to supply trace.

I would like to hear from any mamas who have used azomite powder. It is safe for human consumption. Use the PitchBook Platform to explore the full company .