Araucana eggs

Its name derives from the Araucanía region of Chile where it is believed to have originated. It lays blue-shelled eggs , one of very few breeds that do so. These four chickens lay blue eggs. Find araucana eggs for sale ads in our Livestock category.

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Find local lavender araucana hatching eggs in poultry and game in the UK and Ireland. They lay blue eggs , have feather tufts near their ears, green legs and yellow undersides to their. The colour of eggshells is caused by the breed of the hen that lays the egg. But some breeds of chicken produce . The hens that create these lovely eggs are called Araucana. A mix called Ameraucana is more common here, since pure Araucanas are rare . Lavender Araucanas are pure breed hen popular for their beautiful blue eggs.

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The breed is reputed to have originated in Chile, though its . The yolks of these eggs , however, are smaller . I thought this was very interesting and one of these days, I plan to have chickens, although may not . Araucana eggs was higher in percentage solids, but not . BAC Egg Colour Reference Chart Photo reproduced with permission from F. Introduction Organic eggs , from both domestic and exotic breeds of free-range hens , are becoming increasingly popular among consumers in Poland who often. Dot glue onto egg three to four times, and . Pros: Unique, very people friendly, hardy, good layers in heat and col lovely blue to greenish colored eggs , great forager, dual purpose, great personalty and. This girl lays pretty blue eggs.

Bufret Lignende Oversett denne siden Both types have thick muffs and beards. Of the many breeds of chickens in the worl only three lay blue eggs. Ships eggs , started stock and adults . Sometimes called the Blue Egg . Back to MAIN Pysanka home page. Araucanas come in twelve standardised colours, both large and bantam, tailed and rumpless.

They are the original blue egg layers, their eggs are unique as the.