Victor mouse trap

The most advanced rodent control system comes from. Victor plastic paddle mouse traps. Shop for victor mouse traps , glue mouse traps, bait mouse traps, electronic mouse traps, set mouse traps and tomcat mouse traps for less at Walmart. Find Pesticides and other Cleaning Supplies products at CVS. Including electronic traps , sonic repellents, live traps and more.

Trap mechanism releases with one simple click.

Killing up to 1mice per set of batteries (4AA), this . Easy to use, the trap is simply baite placed against the wall and . Get Outdoor Living online for less at Walmart. For effective mouse control, each trap comes . These are excellent traps with. Wooden snap traps are the most common and cost . Initially, we baited our mouse traps with . Pull back bow and hold down with thumb.

Engage locking bar on curved portion of bait pedal. Place trap (s) with bait pedal facing. Humane, high – voltage shock kills mouse in seconds. Kills 1mice per set of batteries.

Eliminates mice quickly and humanely. Looking for VICTOR MOUSE TRAP , Multiple? Log-in or register for your pricing. Trusted to control mice for more than 1years , . WILSON PREDATOR MULTI-CATCH MOUSE TRAP.

Get rid of mice without ever having to see, touch or kill them! This live trap is safe and effective. The sealed design makes it ideal for use in sensitive . Only one managed to set off the trap without getting caught. The original Walk the Plank Mouse Trap as seen on with Shawn Woods.

Detail Of Electronic Mouse Zapper Circuit. Title : victor electronic mouse trap pro walmart com.