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Thanks to the location just by the Barents Sea and the Norwegian Sea , there are huge amounts of fish along the northern coast. Species like co halibut, saithe, . Fishing in Norway is undoubtedly the king of sea fishing destinations for Huge Co Halibut, Coalfish plus many more species. Up on the north coastline and the. If sea fishing is running through your veins – Norway has it all.

Tromso is the gateway to this scenic region in the far north of Norway and is renown for world class sea fishing.

Top resorts include Torsvag,Lauklines, Skjervoy, . Start your holiday at Mefjord Brygge! They are also more truthful than other fishing stories. Off the coast of Northern Norway , where the tepid Gulf Stream meets col Arctic waters, the ocean teems with. Ling fishing in Norway by Robert Råmundsen.

TTW editor David Guest tackles the hard-fighting halibut and plaice of the arctic circle with the help of the teams. Kontaktinformasjon for Yes Seafishing Norway SA Tennevoll, telefonnummer, adresse, se informasjonen om firmaer. Big Fish Adventure – Hasvik Hotel and Housing is one of the oldest and most well -established providers of deep sea fishing in Northern Norway.

The coastal fish stocks in Norway are under pressure and we need to. You are therefore very welcome to fish for free in Norwegian sea. It will come as no suprise that fishing in Norway is very popular with rich waters. A sea fishing holiday to Norway offers World class co halibut and coalfish . Skarnsundet Fjordsenter is the perfect destination to enjoy your shore fishing holiday in Norway.

There are more species than you can imagine and fish of a . The amount of fish in this area is astonishing, even by Northern Norwegian standards. Fishing for halibut has proven to be especially good around Rolvsøya. Many dream of going deep- sea fishing and Bergen is ideally situated. We speak Russian, English, Czech and Norwegian.

Fishing in the Trondheim Fjord is good and varie with opportunities for . Activity provider: GuideCompaniet. We can organise deep sea fishing tours. The price is per boat (From 1-people per boat). You can catch these types of fish: . Want to see live images of Din Tur`s many destinations?

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Senja Havfiskesenter, a fishing resort at Senja, Norway. Experience recreational fishing in this magnificent artic area of Europe .