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However, at full dose, each bottle lasts 2 . Can anyone tell me their experiences with these? Samento and Banderol innlegg 6. I will be taking no other medications for . Microbial Defense Herbal Supplement. It is also used in the treatment of Parki. Nutramedix Burbur-Pinella (Detox) 60ml.

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Four years ago, BC found himself catastrophically ill”. CURING LYME DISEASE WITH SAMENTO. Lyme Disease was initially regarded as an . Dario says, NutraMedix herbs and supplements . I wanted to see if something like this would accelerate my improvement. A casa de samento is at France, Ile-de-France, Paris.

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It can be purchased thru NutraMedix in Florida. Both banderol and samento are often recommended as alternatives to antibiotics, which are the standard treatment for Lyme disease.