Treet vert rekna som eit vakkert parktre. Kjente farer, Alle deler av planten . This plant has poison characteristics. Ta kontakt med Giftinformasjonen hvis barnet ditt kan ha smakt på robinia. However, in recent years, this particular cultivar .

Robinia ( Robinia pseudoacacia) er en giftig plante. Numerous cultivars have been bred in Europe, including some elegant leaf and flower colour forms, . This large, fast-growing tree has droopy leaves that stay . They have pink, cream or white flowers and similar . A fast growing hardwood that grows in every soil and produces fine wood suitable for outdoor uses. Trees from root sprouts, Root sprouts issuing from 25-year-old adult field-edge robinia tree.

Location: Perugia, central Italy. The paire stout thorns at each node are unlike any other tree in our area .

Can also be used for street planting or in parks and . Description, planting, pruning, care and propagation. Range may be expanded by planting. See states reporting black locust. Easily grown deciduous tree with attractive, pinnate leaves and slightly . It has been imported into Europe . Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station, Fire . North America and is one of the . Flowering trees always bring something extra to every garden. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the prevalence of . See also: robinia and robinią.

It is in flower from Jul to August. Common Names: black locust , false acacia, yellow locust Family: Fabaceae (bean Family). A medium-sized tree with light, almost fluorescent leaves. The Plant List includes 1scientific plant names of species rank for the genus Robinia. Frøene spres nokså passivt, men kanskje til.

Tincture of fresh bark of young twigs.

Its dark brown bark is very rough and has interlaced ridges. An attractive, deciduous, medium sized tree with an ovate to rounded shape. The upright branching supports softly weeping, golden-green, pinnate . Positive economic but negative.

A deciduous tree up to 12m high, exceptionally 25m, with an oval or rounded crown and bark that is dark brown and deeply furrowed.