Rhodochiton atrosanguineum

Men ettersom den ikke kan overvintre ute . Lophospermum atrosanguineum Zucc. Mystisk, vakker og for noen en ren utfordring. Soil Type, Chalky, Sandy, Neutral.

Very deep purple tubes hang precariously beneath an umbrella of pale pink calyxes.

Very exotic looking and very easy. Although perennial in warm climates . Klängväxt för ampel eller krukspaljé. Intressant blom med stora, purpurlila, kjollika foderbla i vilka . Flowering vine with maroon purple bell-shaped blooms with deep purple corallas , hang gracefully on threadlike stems. SynonyMaurandia atrosanguineum.

The small heart-shaped toothed leaves are dark green with burgundy edges. One of the most enquired-after plants is this lovely climber from .

Beautiful fast-growing vine will . Deep purple almost black flared tubular flowers with deep pink carollas . Find the perfect rhodochiton atrosanguineum stock photo. The vine can reach three metres in length in . Lovely fast-growing climber from Mexico with heart-shaped leaves. Purple Bell Vine produces masses of . Extremely beautiful rapid growing climber that starts flowering in June and continues until the frosts in the . Blodbeger er ikkje vinterherdig, men det . A delicate, twining, climber that produces masses of bell-shape rose-pink calyces with contrasting blackish-purple corollas.

Twining tender perennial vine, grown as an annual in our climate. Rhodochiton atrosanguineum – Syn. Throughout the summer and into autumn, near-black, tubular flowers with dark-pink bracts dangle . Det er sådan en dejlig plante, . Immergrüne Rarität, die schnell und kompakt wächst.

Reichblütige Kletterpflanze direkt . Can be grown from Seeds and Plants.

Törnrosas kjortel är en allt populärare.