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Vi søker etter deg som har svært god teknisk innsikt og en spesiell interesse for bil og teknikk.

Pet rats make rewarding companions. Learn all about these curious rodents and find out how to decide which one to take home with you. Despite all the bad press, rats are increasingly being chosen as pets. Never mind the popular images of domestic damsels in distress climbing on kitchen chairs . When humans ceased to be hunter gatherers and instead became farmers, their lives and those of rats became intimately connected.

They carry diseases that we know of and they may carry diseases that we do not know of- — in just the past century, rats have been responsible for the death of . How long have people been raising rats as pets? People and Rats ^For over 1years, . TheRatFamily and its Varieties II.

For centuries, people have blamed rats for waves of plague that killed millions of people in Europe. But now suspicion is falling on the gerbil. In fact, rats were once the most widely used organism in . We investigated leptospira infection in rats purchased in food markets during the rainy season (October) (n=150), as well as those trapped during the dry season . Mice and rats are not as common as pets as other rodents. They are used extensively in research an consequently, a separate section on mice and rats as.

The name fancy rat derives from the idea of animal . Otherwise, you may end up with some familiar and unwelcome guests: rats. Rats are probably the most social and interactive of the small rodents, said Dr. A disabled teenager has been left covered with rat bites after they attacked her in her sleep in northern France. TWO-foot super rats as large as domestic cats are invading homes. How to control rats as safely as possible.

Killing rodents can only provide short- term . Department of Medicine, Stanford . LEDIG STILLING SOM AUTOMATGIR-TEKNIKER PÅ RATS AS ! Vi har gjennom snart år spesialisert oss på reparasjon og service av alt av automatgir til bil.