Prunus serrulata

Treer er et løvtre med vid krone og blomstrer med . This species is not the common. The Kanzan cherry is the most popular cultivar of all the double . Virginia Tech Dendrology is THE source for tree identification. It is in flower in April, and the seeds ripen from Jun to .

Deciduous small vigorous tree, narrow at first, spreading in maturity. Kwanzan Cherry has double-pink, very attractive flowers and is usually purchased and planted for this reason. Antioxidative and antiviral properties of flowering cherry fruits ( Prunus serrulata L. var. spontanea). Botanical Name: Prunus serrulata.

Japankirsebær hører til seksjon . Description: These enjoy col frosty winters, and bear . Prunus Serrulata Royal Burgundy Tree has gorgeous red-maroon foliage in spring-summer and red-brown in autumn. Just like many beautifully flowering trees or shrubs, this flowering cherry too comes from China.

Plus many more species descriptions . Dette søyleformede japanske prydkirsebærtreet . Expert: Notes: Reference for: Other Source(s):. Flowering period – March to April. The smooth bark is chestnut-brown, with . Pronunciation: PROO-nus ser-u-LAH-ta. On clay soils, plant on slopes or in raised beds.

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It makes me want to declare my love for something, . Small upright vase-shaped to round tree, has . One of the most popular flowering cherries. Soil Ph: Can tolerate acid to neutral soil (pH to ). Moisture Tolerance: Consistently moist.