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SHRIMP COCKTAIL (4) Roasted red pepper cocktail sauce, lemon $14. NV Champagne Pierre Moncuit, Blancs de Blanc Grand Cru Delos Le-Mesnil- sur-Oger, France. Made from 1 Chardonnay grown on this Grand Cru estate,. WEEKDAYS Kitchen open to 9:p. WEEKENDS Kitchen open to 10:p.

A deadly virus threatens to decimate oyster populations around the world. Did you see the oyster on that chick in the movie? Half Pound Peel and Eat Shrimp, $13.

The BEST oyster bar Jensen Beach has ever seen!

Our Design, inspired by beach houses, evokes a . Crispy Goat Cheese Sandwich $13. Catering, like oysters , is in our blood. Oysters of the Day — mkt price. Why not check our FAQs section and see if we can answer your query.

WE ONLY ACCEPT LIMITED RESERVATIONS MONDAY – THURSDAY. Gap year, career break and responsible travel specialists. Paid work and volunteer projects last 1-weeks in one of diverse countries. Discover 3oysters of the worl ratings and fresh shipped oysters.

Follow The Walrus for fresh oysters , craft beers and delicious Chesapeake Bay inspired seafood. Live oysters , clams and more from our 5th generation family farm on Hood Canal. Buy raw oysters online or come visit us on the Olympic Peninsula.

Serving the freshest gulf seafood and with a . Raw oysters can contain Vibrio, a harmful germ.