Kalanchoe humilis

The variegated green and burgundy leaves of this little kalanchoe plant are what makes it most attractive. Native to the tropics and sub-tropics of eastern Africa . AN UNUSUAL SUCCULENT WITH BEAUTIFUL TIGER STRIPED LEAVES. THIS SUCCULENT IS EASY TO GROW.

KALANCHOE ( HUMILIS ) – DESERT SURPRISE – A succulent with opposite pairs of fleshy tapered leaves, wide at the stem.

Marbled pale green with mottled . Other Images: Origin: Madagascar. Description: Small variegated rosettes. Pink flowers are small, and many, but not last for long service.

Succulents are Great plants – They need very little water – Easy to take care of. Most people that kill cactus or succulents is usually from over watering. That form came to us from the late English nurseryman Clive Innes.

Winterhart – My all time favorite rare hardy succulent, Orostachys spinosa is truly unusual. The color, which reminds me of semi transparent celadon porcelain, . EXOTIC CACTUS COLLECTION for more rare cactus and seeds. Plant Requirements: Porous soil with adequate drainage. Bright light to full-sun with ample airflow. Water thoroughly when soil is dry to the touch.

Planted in my rock garden in Mozambique. Spoon-shaped grey leaves banded purple in attractive rosettes, heads of purple flowers from thread-like stems, Central . Kalanchoe figueiredoi) from Nampula province. Contact Us: Tissue Culture Australia.

The margins are usually scalloped. The leaves are soon lost from the lower parts of the plant. Flowers: Large erect pinwheel . Elle forme une touffe drue et . Mycket lättskött växt med dekorativa blad. Category: Succulent Family: Crassulaceae .

Detail listů (Detail of leaves). Rozmieszczone są one regularnie na purpurowych, . Taylor Greenhouses offers an ever-expanding variety of healthy, interesting, pest-free plants. ALL PHOTOS HAVE BEEN TAKEN IN THEIR NATURAL GROWING CONDITIONS, NO ADJUSTMENTS TO THE PHOTO HAVE BEEN . Hallo Diese Pflanze habe ich geschenkt bekommen und weiss nur das ich .