Hultafors axe

Our smallest outdoors axe , hand-forged… More information. A small axe for outdoor use in… More information. An axe suitable for small-scale felling, made from blasted and. Hults Bruks Classic 2LB Forest Axe.

Hultafors axes are crafted by hand.

All axe heads are forged from steel that is struck many times, increasing the. Forestry Hatchet ( kg, inch Shaft). Felling Axe Curved Hickory Handle 850g. A great campsite axe , it is well suited to splitting kindling or cutting saplings.

Ships to Ships to Canada Ships to Europe. Every axe is expertly hand-forged and crafte a time-honoured tradition. Compare and find the best deals on your favorite brands.

The smallest of the Hultofors Classic line.

Its smaller handle makes it very versatile. I have the GB Smnall Forest Axe , love it, very impressed with the ability of it and the high quality! Here you can see the two axes . The hultafors egde bends instea but with smililar amount of . Wykonana ze szwedzkiej stali węglowej, ręcznia kuty. HULTAFORS CLASSIC DOUBLE BIT THROWING AXE.

The steel is stuck several times, . Splitting axe made from blasted and clear-lacquered ironwork. The heavier axe is best suited to stronger woo while the lighter axe is best suited to basic spl. It was designed for felling, limbing and splitting but to still be . First, I can say that it is essential more powerful than his little companions but more on that now in the article.

Beautiful hand-made throwing axe made in Sweden. Expert advice from the greenwood tool specialists. Council Tool Curved Hickory Handle for Hudson Bay Axe. Double-edged throwing axe , designed for Swedish axe -throwing competitions.

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The axe has been manufactured in blasted and . The reviews were good and the price was right.