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How many planets does it take to support your lifestyle? When is your personal Overshoot Day? How big is your environmental footprint? Footprint Calculator Frequently.

Our lifestyle choices make up our environmental carbon footprint.

This calculator is developed and hosted by Anthesis Group. Use our new carbon footprint calculator and offset your emissions today. Answer these questions to get started. You know water comes from the tap, but do you know how much water goes.

Please feel free to use the footprint calculator to . Please take your time and feel free to use the extended water footprint calculator to assess your own unique water footprint. The calculations are based on the .

Follow the quiz and see the impact you are having on the planet! Humanity is currently using the renewable resources of 1. Calculate your carbon emissions from Buildings, Cars, Flights and other sources. It shows what impact you are having on the environment. The ecological footprint measures human demand on nature, i. There are million slaves in the world today.

Many of them contribute to the supply chains that end up in the products we use . Bærekraftige liv, Bergen, Norway. Play with your to see how you can lower your footprint. You can obtain official fuel consumption figures from vcacarfueldata.

This tool calculates and assesses carbon footprint of an organization in the rendering industry. Simple calculator for individual contributions to the personal carbon footprint and for the calculation of the primary energy consumption. Our calculator is designed for individuals in the U. Expand Your Knowledge section of the ShrinkYourFoot.

Access the food footprint calculator.

Oficina de Desarrollo Sostenible. Ever wondered how much “nature” your lifestyle requires?