Fiddle leaf fig

Tips for keeping this chic, dramatic, but temperamental houseplant alive. I fell in love with fiddle leaf fig trees and bought one. Read the story of my fiddle fig tree (and tips for yours too).

Tips on how to grow Ficus lyrata, or fiddle – leaf fig , indoors, including advice on watering and light levels. How to root Fiddle Leaf Fig from stem or leaf cuttings! And great tips on growing so you can have the one of the most gorgeous indoor plants in .

Every gorgeous interior shot in Domino and all the legit designers have fiddle . Unfortunately keeping indoor plants . Fiddle leaf fig trees are one of the most popular indoor plants in home decor. But, as with most trends, the fiddle leaf fig is . It is native to western Africa, from . Find out how to grow and care for fiddle leaf fig. Learn about the right growing requirements and complete fiddle leaf fig care in this growing guide.

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I shared one of my sad fiddle . Named the “It” plant of the Design World by New York Times, the Fiddle – Leaf Fig Tree is among the newest trend in Home Décor. But for those looking to – ahem – branch . Brighten any corner of your home with the beautifully lifelike greenery of our statement tree. Fiddleleaf figs are as beautiful as they are easy to grow. Browse 2photos of Fiddle Leaf Fig. Find ideas and inspiration for Fiddle Leaf Fig to add to your own home.

They are also one of the most finicky plants out there, . Because she has a black thumb, she loves to paint fiddle leaf fig. Rising high and finishing in an explosion of leaves, this in. Tall and sculptural the Fiddle Leaf Fig has the ideal amount of bushy leaves to fit into any tight corner. The glossy dark green foliage forms the right amount of . We love adding indoor plants to our home to add some life and freshness.

But they can be hard to keep alive.