Butterfly koi

And it all started right here at Blue Ridge Fish Hatchery. Butterfly koi have gained immense popularity in the U. Every koi fish you see is in stock, fully quarantined and available for purchase. Contrary to popular belief, the hybrid . It is appropriately named for its long, flowing fins often . With their amazing fin displays this comparison to dragons is easy to understand. See more ideas about Koi, Koi carp and Koi painting.

Shop our butterfly koi in many varieties bred from high-end Japanese Long Fin parent Koi fish. Its long, flowing fins resemble the colorful wings of butterflies, making for an aesthetically pleasing look . The fish you receive will be comparable to the fish in the image . Butterfly koi are irreplaceable lifelong companions, who arose as a cross between Indonesian longfin river carp and traditional koi. Butterfly koi , with their brightly patterned scales and long, flowing fins, are ornamental fish of yellow, white, orange or a combination of all three colors.

Butterfly Koi For Sale, these recent additions to the koi fish variations are known for the majestic sweeping fins. We sell a wide variety of butterfly koi. I read the following in a water gardening magazine about butterfly koi : “Produced by crossing comet goldfish with koi carp, a butterfly koi proves to be hardier . We always stock a great selection of butterfly koi in all sizes. We only import koi from respected breeders that are regularly tested for KVH and SVC. Our decorative grade of Butterfly Koi come in a variety of bright colors and patterns.

Even though these are our lowest priced Koi, they are true . You get a Live Butterfly Koi Fish for your pond or aquarium. These Koi are 3-in size, standard A grade and come in assorted colors. The jury is out when it comes to the butterfly koi.

A lot of people find their long fins attractive and their elusiveness makes them even more . Butterfly koi – koi with long fins or American koi – are NOT, as many people believe, a cross between koi and goldfish. Butterfly koi gain their distinction from other more common breeds of koi because of their long, flowing butterfly-like fins. Butterfly koi can grow to be inches .