Beet it sport

BEET IT Sport er et 1 naturlig produkt, og inneholder ingenting annet enn konsentrert rødbetejuice () og konsentrert sitronjuice (). Developed specifically for the elite sporting world , . Research using BEET IT has demonstrated the dramatic impact it can have on improving stamina and enhance oxygen usage efficiency. Beet-it is an online store that sells products made from beets in Canada.

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Unless expressly indicated in the product description, Amazon. This quick, Beet -It Review quickly looks at this beetroot-juice-based product. Every month, Pearle Nerenberg independently tests products and reports back on their utility for athletes.

This month: Beet-It Sport Flapjack . A Beetroot Super Concentrate with 400mg of dietary nitrate per serving from the worlds No. A delicious new way to enjoy performance benefits of natural Nitrate Following the phenomenal success of the BEET IT Sport shot in the sporting world a. At the time that the study started making its way around endurance sports circles, there were few beet -related products marketed toward .