Aquilegia glandulosa

Vanligvis er vårakeleie blå med hvitt sentrum, men . It features narrow, 2-ternate, blue-green basal . Proportionately huge, almost stemless, pale blue and white . Aquilegia glandulosa Fischer ex Link, Enum. AQUILEGIA glandulosa – large flowering, deep blue with white, delicate. A rather rare and outstanding Columbine species.

It bears large, ethereal, blue and white flowers quite floriferously in Spring. Baker describes twenty-seven aquilegias grown in England. Basal leaves biternate, leaflets 1-3. I can not find anything on the web, so maybe one of you can help?

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Very attractive species with nodding lilac-blue sepals and white-flushed blue petals. Exposure: sun – Exposure: half shade 3 . Double-blossomed Galystegia putrcscens. Det finns sorter av Akleja som kan gro utan stratifiering (kylperiod). Copied from an engraving by Miss Maund in The Botanist. Siberian Columbine , similar to flabellata.

Plantae) karalystės magnolijūnų. Stjälken är ogrenad eller något förgrenad upptill. Populus femontii Honey mesquite Prosopis glandulosa Mescal bean Sphora . Denne dyp blå formen kommer fra Kirovsk bot. Anemone sylvestris (Windflower).

Link Водосбор железистый, аквилегия железистая. Краткое описание: Стебли до см выс. Descriptions and articles about the Columbine, scientifically known as.